**Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Seller-Sense Software**

**Q1: What is Seller-Sense?**
A1: Seller-Sense is a comprehensive software designed exclusively for e-commerce sellers in India. It offers centralized inventory management, real-time analysis, and valuable insights to streamline your operations and optimize profits across multiple online platforms.

**Q2: How does Seller-Sense centralize inventory management?**
A2: Seller-Sense provides a centralized hub for managing your inventory across various online platforms. It syncs seamlessly with popular e-commerce marketplaces, allowing you to update, edit, and organize your product listings from one unified interface.

**Q3: What insights does Seller-Sense offer for product sales?**
A3: Seller-Sense aggregates data in real time, providing insights into your product sales across different platforms. It offers detailed analytics and customizable reports, enabling you to make informed decisions, identify trends, and optimize your business strategy.